link dump #2


Alternative Facts in Bonhoeffer’s Germany (Christian Century)

Palestinian Mennonite Seeks Peace Through Respect (Mennonite World Review)

Blessed Are The Winners. Big Time. [Garrison Keillor]

What Are We Holding On To

Letter From an Anonymous Liberal Pastor in Trump Country (religion dispatches)



Congress Deluged With Phone Calls (CNN)

Congress’ Phone System Is Broken – But It’s Still Your Best Shot (Wired)

Why Donald Trump and his supports want you to think protests against him are manufactured (Washington Post)



Black History Month Lessons for ‘Trump World’ (Roll Call)

‘Not true’: Woman admits she made up claims that led to Emmett Till’s brutal lynching (RawStory)

President Trump Wants to Kill These 17 Federal Agencies and Programs. Here’s What They Actually Cost (and Do) (CNN)

Burst Your Bubble: five conservative articles to read during Trump’s first work (The Guardian)

How Effective Has the EPA Been in Its First 40 Years? (Scientific American)

Thoughts on Corruption (Science Translational Medicine)

Melissa McCarthy on SNL Shows The Power Comedians Have Under A Trump Presidency (Washington Post)

What Geology Has To Say About Building A 1,000-Mile Border Wall (Smithsonian)

Berlin’s mayor has a powerful message for Donald Trump about his border wall with Mexico (Fusion)

Woody Guthrie Wrote of His Contempt for His Landlord, Donald Trump’s Father (New York Times)

Trump administration seen as more truthful than news media: poll (The Hill)

FCC mad a case for limiting cost of prison phone calls. Not anymore. (Washington Post)

Wall Street Journal editor to face critics (Politico)

Dear President Trump: Don’t destroy the FDA we know and respect (Endpoints)

U.P. Republican suggests ‘another Kent State’ as solution to protestors (MLive)

California and President Trump are going to war with each other (Washington Post)

In his own words: Imam Hassan Guillet’s address at Quebec City funeral for 3 mosque victims (CBC)

Data shows a downward demographic spiral for Republicans (techcrunch)

You’re Not Crazy, The Leaks Coming Out of the Trump Admin Really Are YUGE (talkingpointsmemo)

4-chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump (medium)

What Americans said they’d heard about the candidates may hold the key to Donald Trump’s big upset (Business Insider)

Trump’s Lies All Make America Look Worse (Washington Post)

ISPs seek end of privacy rules just in time for Trump’s inauguration (ars technical)

To Understand The Rust Belt, We Need To See Beyond Whiteness (BuzzFeed)

In Age of Trump, Scientists Show Signs of a Political Pulse (New York Times)

Top Aide to Ben Carson Fired From HUD, reportedly for criticizing Trump (HousingWire)

Feds try to forcefully search Wall Street Journal reporter’s phone (CNN)

The Four Types of Constitutional Crises (Five Thirty Eight)

The GOP’s silencing of Elizabeth Warren is a brutal reality check for Democrats (Washington Post)

Reality check: Is Donald Trump’s cabinet facing historic obstruction? (BBC)

Beyond the parachute: Newsrooms rethink centralized model (CJR)

House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Can’t Be Hacked (The Nation)

PA Senator Pat Toomey is maybe the most wanted man in Washington (BillyPenn)

The Rise of Progressive ‘Fake News’ (The Atlantic)

More companies back away from Donald Trump under pressure from customers (Washington Post)

Evan McMullin has become an unlikely civic superego for the age of Trump (The New Yorker)

How to be an American: Syrian refugees find a home in Trump country (The Washington Post)

Declining dynamism is the biggest economic challenge of our generation (The Wall Street Journal)

Daniel Webster’s 1832 speech on the abuse of executive power (twitter)

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