link dump #1

I’m doing a massive link dump because the number of articles I have saved is completely unreasonable. You can expect the next update of this blog to focus on policy, the Flynn scandal, and various personnel issues the Trump Administration is having.

the president being unintentionally hilarious

‘It’s rubbish’: Translators are struggling to interpret Trump’s unforgivably bad English (US Uncut)

Lost in Trumpslation: An interview with Berengere Viennot (LA Review of Books)

This Is Madness (Esquire)



The Gentle Anarchy of the Park Ranger (The Atlantic)

Want to Resist Xenophobia in 2017? Start Local (Sojourners)

Meet the Leaders of the Trump Resistance (Rolling Stone)

Donald Trump is changing our language. We need a vocabulary of resistance. (The Guardian)

Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything (The Nation)

Geometry of Redistricting: Summer School (Tufts)

How Chuck Schumer Found His Spine  (Slate)

Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump (Five Thirty Eight)

Anonymous call to action against Trump regime (tumblr)

White House Inc Connects Callers to Trump Businesses While White House Comment Line is Closed (Teen Vogue)

Civil Resistance and the 3.5% Rule (rational insurgent)

Dan Rather: These are not normal times (Facebook)

No, Trump, Not On Our Watch (NY Times)

How Should One Resist the Trump Administration? (NY Times)

When Does Protest Actually Work? (Washington Post)



Dietrich Bonhoeffer speaks powerfully to the Trump age (Englewood Review)

That You May Know One Another (Anabaptist Witness)

Christians, don’t be fooled: Trump has deep religious convictions (Washington Post)

‘Welcome Your Neighbor’ sign continues to spread around the world (EMU)

The Sabbath: An Ancient Vehicle for Social Progress (Sojourners)

Pope Francis is the Anti-Trump (The New Yorker)

On Being A Christian and Being A Feminist … And Belonging Nowhere (Sarah Bessey)

Sufjan Stevens Pens Letter to America About Christ, Refugees, Love and Judgment (Relevant Magazine)

Women’s Marches as Spiritual Practice (Feminist Studies in Religion)

Faith and Inauguration Day: Some Mennonite Perspectives (The Mennonite)

It’s Time for the Church to Face Its Racial History (Relevant Magazine)

How to be Mindful and Politically Engaged (Elephant Journal)

The Truth about Mennonites and Refugees (slklassen)

The Sacraments are Powerful Tools: 550 attend Mass outside White House in solidarity with refugees (America Magazine)


just plain interesting

On Optimism and Despair (NY Review of Books)

Dan Rather: And so it begins. (facebook)

A poet’s quest to find the ‘flavor of unity’ in divisive times (PBS)

America’s New Opposition (New Republic)

Chinua Achebe on How Storytelling Helps Us Survive History’s Rough Patches (brainpickings)

Why Phil Ochs is the Obscure 60s Folk Singer America Needs in 2017 (Washington Post)

‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’ and the Age of the Weaponized Meme (The Atlantic)

Here’s Where Donald Trump Gets His News (BuzzFeed)

To Obama With Love, and Hate, and Desperation (NY Times)

Poetry Makes Everything Happen (Better View)

Clay and Smokeless Fire” (Slate)

Nonprofit Journalism Groups are Gearing Up With a Flood of Donations (NY Times)

Outrage After Trump Insults Civil Rights Icon John Lewis (Common Dreams)

John Lewis on Martin Luther King (facebook)

Women’s March on Washington swells with pink as protesters call for equality, love, and women’s rights (International Business Times) *one of my family members is quoted in this article 🙂

Zebras in the Streets (The Atlantic)

Rube Goldberg museum exhibit reminds us why his name is in the dictionary (Ars Technica)

Alternative farming on the rise in besieged Gaza (Al Jazeera)

Night Witches: The Female Fighter Pilots of World War II (The Atlantic)

The Madness of King Donald (NY Mag)

Incantation (Poetry Foundation)

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down (Motherboard)

The Woman Making Art out of the FBI’s Surveillance of Her Black Panther Father (Broadly)

Will Vaccines Become Another Partisan Issue? (Five Thirty Eight)

The Literary Dividing Line Between Trump and Obama (MSNBC)

What the Mood is Like in D.C. Before the Inauguration (Town & Country)

Women’s March Draws ‘Duty-Bound’ From Wall Street (NY Times)

Political Journalism in a Networked Age (Nieman Reports)

Syrian Asylum Seeker: ‘We are not criminals, we are victims’ (Iohud)

Have we seen the last black president for a while? (The Atlantic)

Dan Rather on John Lewis and Donald Trump (facebook)

Citing Trump, evangelical agency that resettles refugees to lay off 140 staffers, close five locations (Washington Post)

The reporter who broke the story about President Trump and Russia also uncovered Hillary Clinton’s private email server (The Week)

We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less (SZ International)

A Gift for Donald Trump (NY Times)

This is How the Republican Party Plans to Destroy the Federal Government (The Nation)

Study: Harrisonburg among most impacted by Trump’s immigration order (WHSV)

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on Donald Trump (Sports Illustrated)

Comma Press to only translate authors from ‘banned’ nations in 2018 (Comma Press)

Neighbors come out and cook for local mosque (WHSV)

America’s New Normal (NY Times)

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